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Never found, always lost...

When did you first watch Donnie Darko? When it was on TV about a year ago. My friend had been going on and on about what a brilliant film it was, and when she explained it to me, I must admit I thought she was mad. It just didn't make sense. Anyway, it was on TV one night, and my mum wanted to watch it, so I watched it too, and you know what? I LOVED IT!

Who is your favourite character? My favourite character would have to be Donnie himself. He's funny, he's disturbed, he's honest. He's the type of person I'd be friends with. Second favourite character would have to be Frank, just because I love the way he never really says anything. And the bunny suit is really wicked.

Is there anything about the movie you dislike?
Don't dislike anything. It's all brilliant!

Why did you decide to join this community?
Well, I love the film. I recently brought it, and have been watching different sections of it, since you catch something new everytime you watch it. So I suppose I just wanted to see how other people saw the film, and what everyone thought of it. (and if anyone understood 'cause it confused me to no end)

Any favourite Donnie quotes? They made me do it


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