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Dark Darker Darko
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Gretchen: Donnie Darko? What the hell kind of name is that? It's like some sort of superhero or something
Donnie: What makes you think I'm not?

The rules oh yes...

1. As Donnie Darko is quite an open ended film, it leaves alot of room for debate. Therefore everyone will have their own opinion of different aspects of the film. You may not necessarily agree with the opinions posted here, and are therefore encouraged to question and discuss them... even if it is posted than the holier than maintainers. However... do so genially.
In short, no name calling... Ok?

2. Yes, Jakes Gyllenhaal is hot. We know he is hot. We know you know he is hot. Even boys think he is hot. The attractiveness of Mr Gyllenhaal is a well established fact. If you feel the need to post he is hot...
add something Donnie Darko related at the end please.

3. Although some members of our community have felt angered at other communities in the past, and have posted their personal opinion on said communities, we are aware that this may offend other members. Therefore, in future could it please be kept to the journal. Thankyou please.

4. You are allowed to promote other communities on darkdarkerdarko. We really don't care. However... if you are promoting them on us... try and promote us on them.

temporary promotion banners:(optional promotion tool)

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

5. You must all love and worship me.

6. Any pictures/ terribly long entries should be put under a cut, so as ze old friends page is readable. If you don't know how to do a cut, find out {here}, if you are lucky enough to have rich text editor, there is some sort of option. If you forget, I will fix the entry. Please try not to forget... I am quite lazy.

7. If you break any big rules (such as the love and worship me rule) your entry may be deleted. If you have any question as to why your entry has been deleted you are more than welcome to leave them on my journal, and I will be more than welcome to explain. If you continue to break big rules, your posting will be suspended for a week. Three suspensions and then your out.
you will have to do something bunny boilerish for us to suspend you. Because suspending people is just no fun

8. The maintaier is nice. Well, she usually is anyway. If you have any question about something she has done/said, she is more than happy for you to contact her. You are as much in charge as she is, so if you don't like certain changes. Let her know.

9. This isn't so much a rule as a request! Our community is growing all the time so we'd be very much obliged (a bit southern belle there) if new members would fill out this little info gathering thing as an introduction to the other members. This isn't necessary and you don't have to do it if you don't want to, but it may be a good idea. If you'd just copy and paste this into an entry and fill it in, that'd be great. Thanks!

When did you first watch Donnie Darko?
Who is your favourite character? (and valid reasons - no "Donnie cuz he's so damn hot" please!)
Is there anything about the movie you dislike?
Why did you decide to join this community?
Any favourite Donnie quotes?

There, quick and painless :D